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OWNER of Kalliergon

Christina Tzialla was born in Ioannina of Epirus in Greece.
She is Theatrologist, Actor-Performer, Theater Educator and Play Writer. She is a graduate of the Department of Theatrical Studies of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Peloponnese, directed by Acting - Directing. She is also a graduate of the P.M.T.P. Professional School of Musical Theater. She participated in the Workshop of Alumni Actors' Training at Drama School of Theatro Technis "Karolos Koun”.

She performed numerous roles in the theater as an actor, as well as a Performer - Dancer. At the same time, she starred in 5 short films.
She worked in Inspirational Musical Theater Play and Theatrical Education. She served as a responsible for the Organization of Analogio at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, where she also undertook the dramaturgical analysis of important works of the world's theatrical repertoire.

She has written three theatrical books: "EVENT HORIZON – The Actor's Death", "CLEAN FROM COCKROACHES – Dare To Dream" and "PANSPERMIA - Eternal The Memory?". She participated as a copywriter in Comic Book "Katiatimeni" by Stella Atzemi.
She is a founding member and Curator of Theatrical Department of Cultural Association for Art and Nature "NARTURA". She is a member of the Association of Greek Actors.

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CEO of Kalliergon


Vasiliki Kateri was born in Ioannina of Epirus in Greece. She is Artistic Director, Visual Artist and Executive Producer of Kalliergon. She is a graduate of The North College of Ioannina, Abertay Dundee University, as an Interior Designer. She is presently based in West Mani, Peloponnese.

She has held many solo art exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions. In addition, she has augmented many successful, innovative ideas that have enhanced the cultural scene in the city of Kalamata, in collaboration with various cultural and public institutions, as well as charitable organizations. She has been Chairman of the Epirotes' Association of Messinia. She has been also a Member of “House of Literature and Art of Epirus" and a Member of "Theatrical Laboratory of Epirus.” She is member of Association "DIAZOMA". Vasiliki is the founder and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cultural Association for Art & Nature known as "NARTURA", running it since 2017.

Over the years she has organized many contemporary festivals with some great response from the people of West Mani. Her activities are well known in the local community, as she has helped to upgrade and evolve the touristic and cultural angle of this beautiful place. In January 2019 she was honored for her contribution, by the Women's Association of Mani, which is based in Kalamata.

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KALLIERGON, the individual cultural enterprise, was founded by Christina Tzialla and Vasiliki Kateri in November 2019, based in Neochori of West Mani in Peloponnese, in Greece. Their purpose is to lay additional, solid, foundations that will enhance the prospects of development through various activities related to art and culture services, giving new life and impetus to business activity and tourism in our country. One of the main principles is “Strength in unity”, so the enterprise aims to collaborate with other companies and institutions in Greece and abroad. Innovation through every action of the enterprise is a main element of the content, the process and the aesthetic approach.

The main areas of activity are productions, publications and a host of various cultural projects. The interaction and multiple combinations between these main areas of activity is a very interesting challenge, leading to the goal. Inventing, Organizing and curating cultural actions and seminars, as well as the provision of advertising services are some of the individual activities.


The name of the enterprise “KALLIERGON” is a neologism, a portmanteau of the Greek words “kállos” (beauty) and “érgon” (work). Together they refer to the betterment of spirit and aesthetics, a goal which in contemporary times ismuch sought-after and constantly redefined.

The depiction of the spiral in the logo of the company was chosen as a symbol that is contained and overwhelms every expression of matter... Life itself; From the electron spin to the swirling galaxies. It is the power of movement, evolution, perpetual search and thus the cultivation of the spirit, where it emerges and the improvement of the quality of man through the cultural becoming.