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KALLIERGON, the innovative cultural enterprise, was founded in November 2019 and its headquarters are located in Neochori, Lefktro, in the area of "Gonatsa" of Western Mani (Peloponnese, Greece).​

The artistic coexistence of Christina Tzialla (theatrologist, actress and playwright) and Vasiliki Kateri (visual artist) gave birth, from this collective «eureka momentum», to the idea of creating this business.

Its central axis is the provision of cultural services and the implementation of innovative ideas, within a wider framework of activities. Under the banner of "Strength in unity", Kalliergon offers compatible seeds of ideas, cultivating the soil to make it fertile.

Its operating framework is mainly based on cooperation. Step by step, Kalliergon evolves following the natural flow of data, in a complete harmony with the era, the place, the urban and the natural landscape. Its operating framework is mainly based on collaboration, as well as on building top experiences of its customers.

The aim is for civilization to bear fruit, to spread its roots to the ends of the world, creating such an environment where the fruits of the labors thrive even on the most inaccessible paths.

The distinctive title "Kalliergon" is an original neologism consisting of two Greek words: "kallos"(beauty) and “érgon” (work). Together, as one word, they refer to the cultivation of spirit and aesthetics.The depiction of the spiral in its logo was chosen as a symbol that contains and overwhelms every expression of matter, of life itself. It is the power of idiosyncrasy, movement, evolution, the eternal search and - consequently - the cultivation of the spirit, where through it comes the upgrading of the quality of the human being.

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From my very early age, I often heard people say to me that I "sell spirit." This phrase puzzled me and also captivated me, pushing me to look for the way so that this metaphor of speech can be transformed into literalism, into something tangible, and from the unrealistic world to turn it into realistic one.

CHRISTINA J. TZIALLA  Owner of Kalliergon

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Being deeply aware of both sides of the coin, I insist on seeing the glass half full and never give up no matter what. I am one of those who believe that only the cultivation of man thus, culture and education, can change our world into a better place. My guiding principle is always to do more than I say. "FAIR PLAY" is the main term of the actions in my life.


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