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comic book by by Lavrentis Choraitis


A comic book for Greece of the crisis, through his caustic pen. Starring three children, Hippocrates, Sophia and Alexander.  


HIPPOCRATES: An unrepentant idealist and cynically pessimistic Hippocrates, is a 5-year-old serial revolutionary. He has set his life's goal to break down the parental despotism that identifies him with all forms of power. He may not know how he will do it in practice, but out of theory he tears up.

SOFIA: Ideologically cynical and romantically optimistic Sophia represents the voice of reason in its worst neoliberal version. It makes sense to make Hippocrates fire and fury. But this relationship is a two-way street...

ALEXANDROS: Is naturally naïve and gullible Alexander is the neutral observer of the eternal ideological battle between Hippocrates and Sophia. He doesn't care about anything he hears, but he's patient like a good friend. And when he is forced to take a stand, he always leans towards the truth.

The creator of this book, Lavrentis Choraitis, characteristically mentions in the last rows of his preface note: [If I have to summarize in two sentences, this book that you hold in your hands is not the Sistine Chapel and was not nominated for Pulitzer; these are the only things you need to know before you start reading...

ISBN: 978-618-84679-6-5 (Greek edition)

Author, Illustration: Lavrentis Choraitis

Maketta & Paging: Lavrentis Choraitis

Printing & Binding:

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