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This book is the first edition of Christina's Tzialla second play. On the back cover there is the caption "We are all passers-by...". The one-act play entitled "Clean from Cockroaches" and subtitled "Dare To Dream" is a work of today, with a look to the future and a view to the past. It is not a historical record, but it is a symbolic reference to the events that take place in the work.

You can watch it, free of charge, in the form of an analog theatre with video art elements, on the electronic platform of Municipal Regional Theatre of Ioannina. It was created as part of the program to support the creators in the theatre, based on the difficult conditions caused by the covid-19 virus.

ISBN: 978-618-84679-1-0 (Greek edition)

Text Editor: Konstantinos Kosteas

Cover Sketch: Stella Atzemi

Maketta & Paging:

Printing & Binding:

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