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by Thanassis Pantes

This book is the first edition of KALLIERGON publications and is the 4th poetic collection of journalist and poet Thanasis Pantes, who comes from Karystos.

Its first presentation took place on Monday, February 17, 2020, in the hall of the Gallery of Contemporary Greek Art of the Kalamata Cultural Center. The philologist and Head of the Public Central Library of Kalamata, Ninetta Sotiraki, and the poet himself spoke about the book. Poems were read by the journalist, Vagelis Poteas, and the book's editor, Christina Tzialla. The event was coordinated by the journalist, Maria Tomara.

ISBN: 978-618-84679-0-3 (Greek edition)

Text Editor: Vasiliki Kateri

Cover: Reproduction of a 2008 mixed-technique visual work, entitled "Perpetual I" by Vasiliki Kateri Design, Paging & Printing:

Purchase Price: 9

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