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Learn to Teach Dialectically - Learning and Teaching

Author: Stelios Andrikakis

Stelios Andrikakis’ book is a synthesis of the basic views of great educators (J. Swqwy, J. Piaget, B. Massiala, J. Bruner and, of course, Socrates from Athens), who underlined the importance of dialectical, investigative learning.

It is dedicated - as he characteristically states - to the restless “teaching spirits”.

In this book you can find:

 - Concise topics of teaching Methodology which directly relate to teaching and learning (forms of teaching, basic methods, fundamental teaching principles and many more)

- The basic teaching models which prevailed across time and, some of them, are still valid today, either in their original form or modified.

- The dialectical model of teaching (exploratory learning) accompanied by sample teaching modules (Elementary School – Junior High School – senior High School) with lesson planning and the relevant teaching procedure

- Applied sample teaching sessions of basic Elementary School – Junior High School – senior High School modules according to the course of the dialectical - investigative model.

* The aesthetics of the book, its title and subtitle, its size, shape, color and its overall appearance, the model of the cover and the back cover as well as the editing of the work is, absolutely, the attitude and choice of the author.

ISBN: 978-618-84679-7-2 (Greek edition)

Text Editing: Stelios Andrikakis

Corrections: Angeliki Anagnostopoulou

Maketta & Paging:

Printing & Binding:

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