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My Dream is my personal Sun

This book is a wondrous "tool" about self-improvement, a precious treasure for your luggage, an ally, a friend, a companion to the Dream. A Dream approachable and tangible. A Dream that each of us is entitled to claim and conquer.

Efthymios Alexopoulos was born in Diavolitsi of Messinia. After a personal, internal journey of years, combined with uninterrupted study, he has managed to give us a distillate of life. He created a unique "success tool", as he calls it, which according to each user, the path to individual success seems attractive and interesting. His main motivation is to share and lovingly put in the hands of the reader a valuable tool that will lead him to the real essence of life.

ISBN: 978-618-84679-3-4 (Greek edition)

Text Editor: Konstantinos Kosteas

Maketa & Paging:

Printing: Printing Office I. Leventis Purchase

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