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The Participation of Kalliergon in National Customer Service Week 2022 in Stoupa

National Customer Service Week

October 2022 | Stoupa West Mani

speakers: Marielle Thomas & Christina Tzialla

An extremely useful seminar for entrepreneurs that kept undiminished - for about three hours - the interest of those who attended it, took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 12, 2022 in Stoupa, West, Messinian Mani.

The event was hosted by Lefktron Hotel and the entrance for the public was free. This initiative was kindly offered by BeSpectacular company and Business Consultant Marielle Thomas and was under the auspices of the HELLENIC INSTITUTE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, due to the National Customer Service Week 2022

Marielle Thomas, Board of Directors Member of E.I.E.P. specializing in Certified Change Expert Cornell University, through her many years of experience and knowledge on these issues, she deciphered in a completely accessible and understandable way the new post-covid era, presented proposals and new trends in tourism (Go-Green, Affiliate Marketing), focusing on the need to see the rapid developments so that we are ready for the changes that are coming.  

In the second part of the seminar, Christina Tzialla, on behalf of Kalliergon, presented a series of highly innovative ideas for the development of an equally important sector, that of culture. With the theme of "Messinia - Making it a 12 month a year destination" she developed in-depth proposals on the ways that these ideas could be implemented, some of which Kalliergon has already put on track for implementation, such as thematic tourism - literary tourism, Role Playing Games etc..




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