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The Participation of Kalliergon in the art exhibition, in the 4th Mani Puls Festival 2022

Snapshots from the installation in the exhibition


Installation by Vasiliki Kateri

The inspiration for the installation is based on Christina’s innovative idea, due to the first part of a multidimensional large-scale project, which is in progress, and it is planning for the city of Ioannina, focusing on Pamvotis Lake.

The double sided photo inside the round glass with water, portraits of women of today. Gender violence, femicides... And history, which is lost in the depths of the centuries, repeats itself, in other ways and on other occasions.

Portraits inside the jar -in double sided photo- have been photographed by Nikos Dalezios under Christina’s Tzialla direction.

The round glass: the womb - the lake - the water - the life - the end - the beginning - the perpetuation - the eternal

Women in portraits wear jewels made of candies in silver color. The "silver" jewelry refers to the famous silvery of Ioannina. The candies in silver color which are used to decorate memorial confections in ceremonies. The parallel here is obvious.

The necklace creation, by Vasiliki Kateri, is also based on Christina’s Tzialla idea.




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