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Novel by Smaragdi K. Koutsopetrou

​Rubini, the heroine of the book, was born in the turmoil of the period of the Transition and her attempt at self-determination took place at that time. She was born through the yellowed pages of her diary. It's a true story. They are the thoughts of a heroine of life sprinkled with the momentum of youth.

In 1974, a friend and fellow student of Smaragdi at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens, Rubini represents all those fellow students of the Polytechnic generation. Through the maelstrom of historical events, the upheavals, the revision of ideas and values, through the agonizing effort of the search for standards, they left behind prejudices, obsessions, silos and stereotypes looking to find their footing.

By reading this book, the older ones will feel nostalgic and the younger ones will wonder by making the following thought: "Do you think it was really like that then?"

ISBN: 978-618-84679-8-9 (Greek edition)

Text Editing: Eugenia Kelarakou

Maketta & Paging:

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