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Creative Writing Workshop
by Elena Maroutsou

The first workshop at headquarters of Kalliergon, in Neochori of Western Mani in the area of "Gonatsa", took place on the evening of Wednesday, September 7, 2022


A two-hour Creative Writing Workshop, with the author Elena Maroutsou. The author, who won everyone's hearts from the first minute, made an introduction to literature and its genres. An exercise followed, where the participants, pinned into corners of the space, were inspired, wrote and then shared a text of their own.  A small dive into creative writing in an atmospheric space, ideal for unique experiences of inspiration and creation, satisfying every feeling.


The treats in particular, as well as the space. For the welcome, homemade prickly pear liqueur, homemade crimson and sweets were offered, since it was a festive day for Kalliergon, its official first action at its headquarters. To enhance inspiration, a small gift. Handmade pouches with five aromatic herbs of the garden (lavender, basil, two kinds of mint and Sweet scented geranium).

Two hundred and eighty-five prickly pears from our large prickly pear (yes, they were counted one by one, out of curiosity, when placed in the large wicker basket) were distributed to all participants, as a wish for a safe journey back to their homes.


But the big treat was what the organizers had promised, a wonderful, unique sunset, with panoramic views of the Messinian Gulf. (The snapshots above confirm what is written.)


Full of the joy of creation and the euphoria that this whole experience created within them, they expressed the desire for these workshops to continue in every way. Obeying your wishes, we are launching similar workshops with Elena Maroutsou in the near future, sometimes in person and sometimes online.


So stay tuned, because the sequel is expected to be exciting!


P.S. Thank you Elena, Mariel, Rena, Maria, Despοina, Mary, Maria, Mikaela and Satar for participating in this beautiful sharing. Special thanks to Fotini and Poletta who came from Kalamata, especially, for the workshop. Thank you all of you who wanted to come, but you did not manage to! Thank you for your kind words and wishes, either by phone or in writing, for the first action at our headquarters! With joy and  inspiration we continue this beautiful journey of Kalliergon!

Elena Maroutsou.jpg

About the author:

Elena Maroutsou was born in 1967 in Athens. She studied History at the Athens School of Philosophy and did postgraduate studies in Literature and Visual Arts at reading University in England. She teaches Modern Greek literature and creative writing, while her book reviews are published, regularly, in the press.  She has written the following books: "Of height and depth" (ed. Alexandria, 1998) "The betrayals of names" (ed. Alexandria, 2004) "Between train and dock" (ed. Kastaniotis, 2008 – novel prize Athens Prize for Literature, 2009) "THE NǾIMA" (ed. Kedros, 2010) "The vulgar orchids" (ed. Kichli, 2015) "Two" (ed. Kichli, 2018) and Theriomorphoi (ed. Polis, 2020) Under publication is her novel "The scapegoat miracle" (ed. Kichli,  2022).

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