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EVENT HORIZON - The Death Of The Actor/Actress

Theatrical Play in three acts

This book is the first edition of Christina's Tzialla first theatrical play, the writing of which lasted three whole years (2016-2019). On the back cover there is the caption from Richard Dawkins' text "We will all die, and we are the lucky ones. Most people will never die, because they will never be born..."

The play is a role-playing game, where all the heroes are artists who come from the theatre, hospitalized throughout its duration, living for the time being. For this reason, all the scenes of the play unfold in a hospital room. It's a presentation of character action in the face of their irrational existence. But the essence of the text focuses not so much on the absurdity of existence or death as on the greedy nature of man. A greed, manifested through life itself, when the living cannot, or does not know, how to derive adequate satisfaction and like a vampire sucks every drop of blood from the different manifestations of life. These manifestations, then, are the multiple choices of character and life that theatre gives to man. Either to the one who works for it, or to the one who is satisfied with its sight.

ISBN: 978-618-84679-2-7 (Greek edition)

Text Editor: Konstantinos Kosteas

Cover Sketch: Stella Atzemi

Maketta & Paging:

Printing & Binding:


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