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Starting Wednesday, June 12, and every Wednesday until the end of the month, a series of independent workshops -same each time- on soap making will be held in Greek and English, from 10:30 to 12:00, in the lush courtyard of Patriko cafe & pastry shop on the beach of Stoupa, in Messinian Mani, organized by KALLIERGON syn

Everyone who participates gained a general, comprehensive knowledge and experience in making soap based on olive oil, as well as the methods of production.


The reflection from the past to the present was based on valuable and rare oral testimonies and recordings of the locals, which tend to fade over time.


Enrichment and recording of information from locals, as well as the exchange of relevant experiences and knowledge from participants from other countries, was another goal of the workshop. 

the slogan of the workshop:

Come, share, have fun, learn, create, and take your soap!

participation fee: 15 euros/person (VAT 24% is included)

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