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On November 25, 2023, -International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women- the International Campaign Against Femicides by KALLIERGON syn was launched by Shifu Grace Chui. At regular intervals, prominent and respected women from around the world will wear a "jewel" made of silver confetti crafted by Vasiliki Kateri, based on an idea by Christina, and will be photographed with it. The "jewel" is disposable, serving its purpose. The photograph is then accompanied by a statement, a comment on the subject, and will be posted on this section of our website and on the websites of organizations supporting our campaign.


Stay tuned!

For the story about jewelry made of silver confetti, you can listen to the recorded file below, presented at the 1st Pamvotis Festival, in anticipation of the release of Christina Tzialla's new fiction book, historically based, titled "Oui - Tropaia From Tropaia". This file is included in one of its chapters, as well as all the texts accompanying the following videos.

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