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Pamvotis Lake Project

The photo-shoot of the image here was done with the aim of making this photo the cover of Christina Tzialla's unpublished literary work, entitled "WOI- Tropea ApoTropea". The work is due to be released in a few months from now.

The title "WOI" is a typical local exclamation of the Epirus region and is often used either as an exclamation of heartbreak, surprise and sometimes also as an exclamation of admiration. Subtitle is a pun that is understood only in Greek. “Tropea” means Trophies and “ApoTropea” has double meanings, as one word “Apotropea” means “repulsive” repulsive. As two words “Apo Tropea” means “From Trophies”. The trophies here refer to the treasures and jewelry of the drowned women at the bottom of the lake, as well as the women themselves. 

In the photo  is posing Christina herself. The performance and direction is signed by Stefanos Papazapraidis, who was inspired by her work.

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