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Pamvotis Lake Project

The photo-shoot of the image above was done with the aim of making this photo the cover of Christina Tzialla's unpublished literary work of, entitled "WOI- Tropea ApoTropea". In the photo she is posing herself. The performance and direction is signed by Stefanos Papazapraidis, who was inspired by her work. * The title "WOI" is a typical local exclamation of the Epirus region and is often used either as an exclamation of heartbreak, surprise and sometimes also as an exclamation of admiration. Subtitle is a pun that is understood only in Greek. “Tropea” means Trophies and “ApoTropea” has double meanings, as one word “Apotropea” means “repulsive” repulsive. As two words “Apo Tropea” means “From Trophies”. The trophies here refer to the treasures and jewelry of the drowned women at the bottom of the lake, as well as the women themselves.

Starring Pamvotis lake, this project aims to move, to attract interest, to rekindle human consciousness, to invoke the respect of human rights and, in general, to contribute – even in the slightest – so that our world can manage to move in an increasingly healthy orbit. 

The first part of this project was dedicated to the women who drowned along with Κyra Frosini, known as "kallimartyres", according to the official term awarded to them by the Church. It was a way to emphasize on the perpetual claim and maintenance of the position of women in the upper and upper layers of society and not at its bottom. This part of the project is also dedicated to kallimartyres in today, as a comment on gender violence, femicides... And the history that is lost in the depths of the centuries, repeats itself, in other ways and on other occasions.

May the legends that will be written in the future have only a joyful aura, so that those who have shaken its waters can sleep quietly!

Jewelry made from silver colored candies is permanently exhibited in Ali Pasha Museum and Revolutionary Period, on the island of Ioannina, at "Kyra Frosini" room.

The jewelry was created by visual artist Vasiliki Kateri, based on Christina's Tzialla innovative idea, for the purpose of Kalliergon's Pamvotis Lake Project. The "silver" jewel refers to the famous silversmiths of Ioannina. 

The silver candy is used traditionally to decorate the offerings at memorial services. The parallelism is obvious.



The  multidimensional large-scale project, based on Christina Tzialla’s innovative idea, is planning for the city of Ioannina, focusing on Pamvotis Lake. The mother-lake, the nourishing lake, the all-nourishing one, as its name suggests. The historical lake of Ioannina, one of the oldest in the world. This modular artistic project is going to disturb its far from stagnant waters, in order to become an institution. It is based on studied forms and expressions of art and focuses mainly on theater, visual arts, literature and folklore. References to local gastronomy and the famous silversmithing are also noteworthy.

The Pamvotis Lake Project is consisted  of a series of modular actions that are intended to take place throughout the year in the wider area of Ioannina. Our goal with some of the actions to become an institution and others to be carried out whenever the conditions favor it.  


The Pamvotis Festival, which is going to take place in September  1st - 3rd, 2023 in the city of Ioannina is a part of the entire project.

Pamvotis Lake Project is a considerable tool, a new competitive product of culture and tourism with particular emphasis on literary or scholarly tourism, an integral part of our intangible cultural heritage. It is time to focus even more on another important identity element of this place, one of its biggest brands, which is none other than the "Kyra Frosini's Lake' "!

What separates today from yesterday is only the surface of the lake freshwater. The connecting link of centuries is therefore its own water, since - as we know - the waters of the lake are not renewed. The boats, marking a course in its waters, in the imaginary line of their footsteps, write at the same time so many stories of centuries! Stories, which the unwritten rules of water and oral tradition gave them dimensions of "historical myths".

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Antonis Konstantis has made, in January 11, 2023, the day of the drowning of the "Kallimartyres", a unique cocktail inspired by that event and makes it available to Kalliergon. We gave it the name oÚi, like the title of the same name in the book under publication by Christina Tzialla. oÚi  cocktail will be officially presented in September 2023, as part of the 1st Pamvotis Festival by Kalliergon.

The recipe of the cocktail is available to any interested company that wants to use it in Ioannina and the wider area, after contacting us. Businesses in collaboration with Kalliergon will inform their customers with this label above that they will display in their window or in a prominent place at the entrance.

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