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Kalliegon's headquarters is powered for its energy needs by alternative sources of green, renewable energy.

"Gonatsa" area in Neochori, in West Mani, Peloponnese, Greece

Our cultural enterprise with broad horizons and goals, operates mainly outside its headquarters. Our business plan involves innovative activities of exchange and dissemination of cultural elements through collaborations within and outside Greece.


Kalliergon headquarters has opened its doors for a relatively short period of time and operates with organized packages of actions that are expected to be enriched in the near future, offering options to our potential customers.

The welcoming space of unparalleled beauty inspires creativity in all artistic fields, while at the same time offering our clients the opportunity to live unique experiences. Our diverse alternative activities focus on art and nature, centered around the human being and aiming to build top-notch experiences for our clients.

We also organize workshops, seminars, and experiential activities related to anything related to culture, through the concepts of "kallos" and "ergon". These are some of the options that we offer within our headquarters.

Sessions for wellness of the mind and body also belong to the activities of Kalliergon, which are perfectly in harmony with the location where we are situated.

In addition to the scheduled activities, which you can find information about on the relevant section of our website, feel free to contact us to share your ideas and plan new activities together based on our available time. We welcome your suggestions and would love to work with you to create new experiences.

We have the prerequisites. You have the opportunity for "good living" through cultivating culture.

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