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about us

KALLIERGON syn, a Civil Non Profit Company about culture-science-environment synergies, is located in Western Mani (RegionPeloponnese, Greece).​ This corporate identity recently (November 2023) entered the trajectory that Kalliergon had set, as a continuation of it. Renewed, stronger, and more flexible, through synergies of culture, science, and environment, it continues the vision for a better world, for a sustainable and healthy society! Its strength lies in "together"... in this "syn"!

The Team

Vision | Passion | Εxperience | Innovation

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Through the inherently human-centered profession of an artist (in terms of subject matter), my purpose is to transform my art into a tool for understanding human nature and its harmonization with nature as a whole. My contribution to the pursuit of human rights and values, as well as the protection of the environment, is a life goal for me.



Theatrologist of University of of Fine Arts of Peloponnese

Performing Artist- Actress

Drama Educator


Member of the Board of Directors of KALLIERGON syn

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Having a deep understanding of both sides of the "coin", I persist in seeing the glass half full and never giving up, no matter what happens. I belong to those who believe that only the cultivation of the human spirit, i.e., culture and education, can change the world for the better. My life philosophy is "strive well" - to strive for excellence. My guiding principle is always to do more than I say.


Visual Artist

Company Manager/CEO of KALLIERGON syn

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The quality of life of every fellow human being - and all that it entails - has been and continues to be my primary concern, acting with a deep sense of responsibility on a daily basis through my scientific field. It is my belief that a holistic approach to health, combining medicine with art, science, and environmental protection, offers a comprehensive therapeutic intervention that leads to human well-being.


 Οrhtopedic Surgeon MD, PhD, University of Ioannina

Member of the Board of Directors of KALLIERGON syn

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The multi-prismatic nature that a woman has, by definition, was the occasion for me to discover so many possibilities on my way that I didn't even imagine how I was hiding inside. My roles as a scientist, in the field of research and education, and as a mother made me appreciate even more the value of contribution, but also my responsibility towards society as a whole. My goal is to contribute to a better, fair, peaceful and meritocratic world and a healthy environment for us and our children.



Μeterial Scientist and Nanoscience Εngineer, PhD, MSc University of Ioannina

Member of the Board of Directors of KALLIERGON syn

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