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PANSPERMIA - eternal the memory? 

Theatrical play in three acts

The book is written and dedicated to peace, with inevitably frequent references to the harsh face of war. It is a reflection on the issue of memory and the attribution of honor to persons and situations.

Could memory warn us or destroy us? Perhaps man should nullify his nature and look for a way of rebirth, hoping this time that his instincts will take on other directions? How could our nature be changed, since everything is recorded in our genetic DNA code? Does humanity deserve a second, third, fourth chance when the abuse of its existence has created the complete disorganization of its planet? Since man hastily contributed to the "entropy" of nature and himself, does he really want to be saved himself?

The story of this book is based on real people and situations. The story, however, here is rewritten in a different way this time, because of the fiction that distorts everything. Each person can tell the story of the world from his own, different, perspective, but without ever possessing the overall picture of history, about human existence.

Continuing the inheritance we receive by going with the "sins of parents", we are responsible for our present and future.

ISBN: 978-618-84679-9-6 (Greek edition)

Author: Christina Tzialla

Text Editor: Konstantinos Kosteas

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