Artistic Events


​Modular action of large scale in the city of Ioannina... coming soon

An event dedicated to the "kallimartyrs" of Ηistory

A new, innovative large-scale artistic event begins in the city of Ioannina, disrupting its waters in order to become an institution. It is a modular artistic activity based on studied forms and expressions of art, mainly visual, theatrical and literary, resulting in an innovative tour, a dramatized experiential tour.

The dramatized experiential tour, starring Lake Pamvotida, aims to protect and highlight this natural habitat that hosts the well-known "island", without any other name. The natural wealth of the lake and the environment it creates, has as a link of centuries its own water, since as you know, the waters of the lakes are not renewed. The boats, which erase a course in its waters, in the conceivable line from their footsteps, write, at the same time, so many centuries-old stories. Stories, which the unwritten rules of water and oral tradition gave them dimensions of historical myths.

From today, then, what separates us from yesterday is only the surface of the freshwater of the lake. Having as a weapon the scholarly tourism and the charm that hide some unexplored parts of a history we claim our recognition, admiration and presence, even in the most distant countries, such as when Lord Byron trusted the "exotics", for him, dangerous and beautiful Ioannina with their naturally created islet, with the last in our modern history Pasha and their commander Ali Pasha. This action is an important "tool", a new competitive product of culture and tourism, with particular emphasis on literary or scholarly tourism, an integral part of our intangible cultural heritage.

The large-scale artistic event is dedicated to those women who drowned along with kyra Frosini, known as "kallimartyrs", emphasizing the perpetual claim and preservation of the position of women in the upper and upper level of society and not at the bottom of it.

May the myths that will be written in the future have only a happy aura, so that those who have upset its waters can sleep quietly!