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Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Gong Workshop

with Shifu Grace Chui

Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Gong Workshop*

with Shifu Grace Chui

An introduction to Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Gong

For adults only -in all ages- experts or not


when: Sunday, July 9 & Monday, July 10 2023

* The workshop on Sunday will be repeated on Monday

where: Headquarters of Kalliergon, Neochori Lefktrou, West Mani, "Gonatsa" area

starting time: 20.00  ending time: 21.00

participation cost per day & per person: 20 € (VAT 24% is included )

For further info, please contact us by sending e-mail to: 

Shifu Grace Chui

Grace Chui was born in Hong Kong in 1957. In 1989 Grace immigrated to Toronto, Canada by her own.  In 1990 she had moved from Toronto to Montreal, and ever since settle in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Grace’s father Chui, Lap Kan was a Tai Chi master, she had followed her father’s classes ever since was a young child.  She assisted her father in teaching in Montreal since December 1996. After Master Chui passed away in January 2004, she began seriously teaching independently. Constantly updating her skills and techniques by studying from the Tung/Dong family and different masters.

Since 2006 Tai Chi Club has been registered as non-profit organization. Grace is co-founder of this Club.  The club has over 160 active members each session, she has taught over 2,000 members ever since.

Grace has trained over 40 certified teachers, that required to pass minimum 5 years of learning from her club in different kinds of tai chi techniques, such as Yang style form, Hao style form, Fast form, Fa-Jing form, Weapon: sword, sabre, eyebrows sticks, double sticks, Push hands, qi-gong, meditation, etc.  Presently there are about 30 active teachers to help teaching at Tai Chi Club as well as in affiliated centers, and there are couple students are on the path of training to be certified.

Besides Tai Chi, Grace is an artist in fine arts. In 2004 - 2013 Grace graduated from Académie des Arts et Beaux-arts, in Varennes, Québec. with the study and guidance of Master M. Aberg.

You can find Grace artworks at Face Book: Oi Art / 靄 藝   |   |   Tel: 514-726-8198

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