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The Wonders
of the Lake

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The 2nd Pamvotis Festival is coming in Ioannina on June 28-30, 2024.... Stay tuned!


June, 28-30 | Ioannina 2024

A multi-themed festival featuring myths, legends and traditions,

based on historical events.

KALLIERGON syn Civil Non-Profit Company is organizing the 2nd Pamvotis Festival on June 28-30 in Ioannina. This is a multi-themed festival that serves as a logical continuation of the 1st Pamvotis Festival, which took place in Ioannina for the first three days of September 2023, under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization, the Region of Epirus, and the Municipality of Ioannina. Continuing with innovative approaches, the 2nd Pamvotis Festival is dedicated to the wonders of the lake.

Under the auspices of the Region of Epirus & of Municipality of Ioanniton

Living Museum:

Durachan Pasha

A Living Museum with references to historical events, myths, legends, and traditions of the area follows the flow of time, always with respect to the references of the past. The central theme of the festival this year, Durachan Pasha, who crossed the frozen lake with his entire army, thinking it was a meadow, and thus, passed easily and fearlessly to the opposite shore. 

The Living Museum is enriched by an inspired 3D Projection Mapping by new media artist & director Kostis Emmanouilidis

Sound Design - Background Mousic: Arsen Kanatsi 


Presentation of the dessert "Frosynes"

For the first time, a dessert inspired entirely by the literary work of Christina Gialla "Oui, Tropaea Apotropaia" is going to be presented, based on what she describes in her book in the relevant section. In her work, there is reference to the "Frosunes" from which the name of this dessert came.



"PAMVOTIDES": Exhibition

of Photographic Portraits 

Throughout the festival, Women's Photographic Portraits will be exhibited in the ground floor hall of Soufari Saray. The exhibition is titled "Pambotides" and is the participation of the Creative Photography Club "FOTORASI". Members of the Club are inspired by the festival's theme and capture, through their personal perspective, 17+ women's photographic portraits with Lake Pamvotida as a backdrop. These portraits refer to the flora of the lake, with mentions of plant species that are threatened with extinction, according to the records of the Management Unit of Protected Areas of Epirus of the Organization for Natural Environment & Climate Change. 

*  Special Tribute: Environment & Biodiversity: Lake Pamvotida

ParticipationPhotographic Creative Club "FOTORASI" 

Sound Design - Backgroud Music: Arsen Kanatsi 

NOTE: The number 17 will always be a point of reference for actions, as a comment on femicides, inspired by the 17 women drowned by Ali Pasha along with Kyra Frosini, the "Martyr Women" - as declared by the then local Metropolis - 223 years ago.

Sufari Sarai | groud floor room | Glykidon 31 | Northern side of the Castle of Ioannina | Main entrance from the lakeside road, right after the starting point with the small boats 

Entrance: 5

Students: 2

Unemployed, disabled & children up to 10 years old: Free

Traditional Event - Lining Museum 


"BERBELOUSSA" was a traditional rain invocation ritual, lost in the depths of time. In this performance, in a loose interpretation, the collection of oral recordings we have gathered is reflected. Rarely, an extensive written reference is made in the homonymous book of the late author Dimitris Ath. Zaravelas. (Publisher: DODONI, pages 85-89, Athens 1995)

NOTE: The event is dedicated to the late writer Dimitris Ath. Zaravelas. 


Site Specific Theatrical Performance 

simultaneously, and in sign language

"Vasiliki Kontaxi, Lady Vasiliki" a site specific theatrical performance by the Theatrical Group REKTIS, with simultaneous interpretation -for the first time- and in sign language. It is based on a text and directed by Georgia Karlatira (actress-director). The role of Kyra Vasiliki is performed by actress Sofia Zisi. In sign language, Dimitra Vangelis portrays Kyra Vasiliki.

Admission: 10

Students: 5

Unemployed, disabled persons & children up to 10 years old: free

Book Presentation

This is the 4th consecutive work of fiction by Christina Tzialla. It is inspired by real events and as she states, "it is a work that grows and matures with the pages." It is a work of fiction, based on historical sources, and is written in verse and prose. Throughout the text, the local dialect is often used, with many idiomatic elements. Its aim is to revive our intangible cultural heritage, to honor forgotten women buried in the depths of time, and in general, to celebrate the contribution of women as nurturers. The book also serves as a guide for literary tourism.Book presentation of the 4th fictional book by Christina Tzialla titled "OÚI, Tropaia FromTropaia", on which the 1st Pamvotis Festival was entirely based. 



Topic: The development of a new type of thematic tourism, through modern methods of live action games (gaming, larping, etc.) 


Interactive Game, Creative Writing: "The Giaour of Lord Byron and Ali Pasha the Βloodthirsty"

For adults only 

​*  Special Tribute: Lord Byron & Philhellenism 

Idea & motivator: Christina Tzialla Sound Design - Music Composition: Arsen Kanatsi 

participation: 10

students: 5

unemployed: free

Experiential Tour of Interactive Fiction & Game: "Feeding Ibrahim"

An Experiential Journey of Interactive Fiction in the Footsteps of History, Legends and Myths 

Idea & motivator: Christina Tzialla 

participation: 10

students: 5

unemployed: free

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