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Regarding the requirements for implementing the 2nd Pamvotis Festival



A multi-themed festival featuring myths, legends and traditions,

based on historical events.

KALLIERGON syn Civil Non-Profit Company is currently studying the operations framework for the 2nd Pamvotis Festival in Ioannina. This is a multi-themed festival that serves as a logical continuation of the 1st Pamvotis Festival, which took place in Ioannina for the first three days of September 2023, under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization, the Region of Epirus and the Municipality of Ioannina. The Pamvotis Festival, in general, is an innovative proposal, a new approach aiming to create a renewed cultural identity for the city of Ioannina. Its implementation is what will give the city its modern artistic landmark. For this reason, KALLIERGON Syn primarily addresses the public authorities of the city, in order to embrace it with the goal of establishing it as a tradition.

Under the auspices of the
Region of Epirus,  Municipality of Ioannina & Ioannina Region Hotels Association

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under the auspices 

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