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1st Pamvotis Festival
Living Museum of Myths - Legends - Traditions


Take a look at the following snapshots of the festival in a slide show.


Living Museum of Myths - Legends - Traditions 

Ioannina 2023

September 1-3

The 1st PAMVOTIS FESTIVAL was an innovative multisensory, multi-themed and multi-layered festival organized by Kalliergon that took place during the first three days of September in Ioannina. It was part of the Pamvotis Lake Project with activities that will unfold throughout the year at regular intervals. The word "Pamvotis" is Homeric and derives from the nouns "pamvotor" or "pamvotir" meaning "the one that nourishes everything".


The term "Living Museum" or "Museum of Living History" refers to a type of museum that recreates historical scenes to simulate a past time period, providing visitors with an immersive interpretation of history. In this specific festival, the term "Living Museum" primarily pertains to the reenactment of myths, legends, and traditions as they have been passed down orally, with the rich history of the region as a reference point. It has been based on the intangible cultural heritage of the place. The texts by Christina Tzialla presented at the festival further develop the spectrum of myths and legends of the area with new myths, creating a new "reality." All texts originated from the 4th in line, unpublished yet, fictional work by Christina Tzialla titled "OÚI" with the subtitle "Tropaia - ApoTropaia."

The festival mainly focused on the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, including the era of Ali Pasha. All festival activities revolved around literature and oral tradition that have been passed down from generation to generation, following the flow of time while always respecting references to the past. Visitors could actively participate, experiencing an unprecedented thrilling journey. Some of the festival activities were inclusive, engaging even the slightest sensation, so that more and more people could feel these unique moments. Many of the visitors, following our encouragement, came dressed, in whole or in part, in clothes and accessories that reflected the era of the festival, thus better experiencing the experience of the Living Museum being that part of it. 

The 1st PAMVOTIS FESTIVAL aimed to showcase the contemporary face of the city. The venues where the activities will take place are some of the biggest identity elements of Ioannina. It was served as an important tool for alternative tourism for local entrepreneurship, offering a new and competitive cultural product..


What separates today from yesterday is only the surface of the sweet water of the lake. Its water serves as a connecting link of centuries. The boats, carving a path on its waters, in the imaginary line of their steps, simultaneously write so many stories of ages! Stories that the unwritten rules of water and the oral tradition have given them dimensions of "historical myths." The festival honored the "mother" of Ioannina, Lake Pamvotis - one of the oldest lakes in the world and the second oldest in Europe - as well as its contribution as a feminine dimension, as a life-giving source. Thus, associatively, it was dedicated to women.

A special tribute to the 1959 film "Astero" was served as a catalyst for actions and presentations with a focus on the future and the further development of the region in the fields of culture, tourism, and entrepreneurship.


The photographic portraits -in a free interpretation- presented at the festival, projected onto the waters of the lake -for first time ever-, beard the signature of Makis Anastasiou. Additionally, the portrait of Kyra Frosyni as "Kallimartyr" accompanying (on our YouTube channel) the excerpt from the literary work "OÚI" titled "Tis Chrysis tis paramanas," as well as the portrait "MOTHER," which was on the cards of LARP game. The background image of the poster was been inspired, directed and executed by Stefanos Papazapraidis. It is intended for the back cover of the work "OÚI". The cover was already used as a poster for the first action of the Pamvotis Lake Project, which took place in January 2023.

Under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), the Region of Epirus & the Municipality of Ioannina


Role Playing Live Action Game (LARP) with Cristina Tzialla
Title: "Take Your Place in the story"

Seaside area, Katsaris Park, at the little harbor (opposite "Dim. Chatzis" Cultural Venue)

These three portraits accompany the tribute to women in this festival. They were inspired and photographed by Stefanos Papazapraidis accompanying the festival's tribute to women.

They were used -among other images- as images on the cards of the interactive game (LARP) in the context of the festival. 

In a free approach, the portraits portray "Kyra Frosyni," "Maria Angelina, Duchess Palaiologina," and the "Moscho Tzavella" the warrior from Souli. With the third portrait, we honor the contribution and sacrifice of the woman warrior from Souli  in the struggle for freedom. 

Demi Artikou as "Kyra Frosyni", Marta Lauren Albanowicz as "Maria Angelina Duchess Palaiologina"

& Christina Tzialla  as "Moscho Tzavella" the warrior from Souli


A slide show of the three portraits by Stefanos Papazapraidis

Special thanks to the volunteers! Special thanks to the supporters!!! Gratefull to all of them! 

Double click onto the slideshow above to see logoes and  links

Antonis Konstantis has made, in January 11, 2023, the day of the drowning of the "Kallimartyres", a unique cocktail inspired by that event and makes it available to Kalliergon. Christina Tzialla gave it the name "OÚI", like the title of the same name in her recent writing project . The logo was designed by Vasiliki Kateri. OÚcocktail was officially presented, as part of the 1st Pamvotis Festival by Kalliergon.

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