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Theatrical Paths in the Streets of the Castle

A narrative journey through the legends and history of Ioannina,
based on original texts by Christina Tzialla

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Χριστίνα Τζιάλλα - αφηγήτρια


& Texts 

Christina Tzialla

(actress, author)

Έλλη Παπαδοπούλου - αφηγήτρια


& Text Editing

Elli Papadopoulou




Unique experiences with active participants!

Theatrical paths in the streets of the castle. A theatrical expression experience in an alternative environment. A narrative journey through the legends and history of Ioannina, based on original texts by Christina Tzialla.


Soon, also in the English language.


The route followed, without a particular level of difficulty, includes stops at outdoor monuments within the Castle City, as well as the lakeside area. It is not suitable for people with mobility issues. It is recommended to wear comfortable and non-slip shoes.

The tour is private and not open to the general public. Minors can only participate with a guardian. 

The tours this month will only be conducted in Greek. 

Starting point: Inside of the main gate of the castle (the Western Gate, known as St. George Gate), on the plateau below the Tower of Thomas. Meeting point at the entrance of the gate.

Duration of the tour: 90 minutes (approximately)

Ticket price

Full: € 12 /person

Student /Unemployed: € /person

Group (over 8 people):

- Associations & other Groups: € 10 /person

- Schools /Daycare Centers: € 6 /person 

For Associations, Schools, Daycare Centers & other Groups, daily tours are available upon request. To carry out the experiential tour, there should be a minimum of  eight (8) participants. 

Reservation is required, at least 2 days in advance.

For reservations, please contact us at 6946096502 & 6909085939 (call, sms, viber, whatsapp).

You can also reach us via email at 

For private theatrical narrative tours, you can make your reservation using the above contact information.

Handmade costumes by
GALANISS fashion - handmade

Handmade cover books by Vasiliki Kateri



The action is part of the broader framework of the Pamvotis Lake Project, aimed at revitalizing and preserving the intangible cultural heritage, as well as creating a new cultural heritage for future generations. The goal, also through this innovative and outward-facing approach, is to encourage participants of all ages to visit the museums and monuments of the city, where everyone can learn in detail and extensively about the history of Ioannina, making thematic tourism more attractive throughout the year.


The fictional texts presented in the action are by Christina Tzialla. These texts explore the spectrum of myths and legends of the region with new myths, creating a new "reality". Most of them belong to her upcoming fictional work titled "woi" with the subtitle "Tropaia FromTropaia". 

ΝΟΤΕ: Historical references were drawn from bibliographical sources, as well as from the website of the Municipality of Ioannina and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Ioannina. Information regarding the natural environment was obtained from the website of the Natural Environment & Climate Change Agency.


Visitor arrival time: 15 minutes before the start of the tour


The tour program is arranged monthly. The program for the next month will be announced from the middle of the previous month. Available days for schools and groups, excluding Saturday and Sunday, after contacting us.

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